Why do Meme Trend?

Why do Memes and Memes Topic Trend?

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Meme is a thought, character, or style that spreads by methods of doing things alike from individual to individual inside a culture and frequently conveys representative importance speaking to a specific phenomenon or topic.

Memes can trend for several reason bordering on how far people share them, connect and relate with them and their general application on other trending topics on the internet, but before we go into details on why meme trends, we will take a look at the meaning of memetypes of a meme, and the basic categories of memes.

A meme goes about as a unit for expressing social thoughts, images, or practices that can be transmitted starting with one brain onto the next through composition, discourse, signals, customs, or other imitable phenomena with a copied topic.
Supporters of the idea see memes as social analogs to qualities in that they self-repeat, change, and react to particular pressures.

 Most Popular Categories and types of Memes

Memes can have different meaning to everyone, it depends on the title attached to the meme, and the tone with which the meme were read. In our previous topics, we discussed extensively on the types of memes – find out, to learn more.

Ordinarily, if Internet users should categorize a meme, it would be an endless list :), we would have the crying meme, laughing meme, animal meme, and several others. That is why, at MemesNG, the team had to come down, to streamlining the categories to the best four (4) most realistic categories, where we have the;

  • Motivation: They closely relate to the quotes but they pass a powerful motivational message within them, instead of the actual sense of being just funny, sometimes they are both funny, come as a quote but sends a message down the line.
  • Quotes: Memes in this category rarely gets a photo attached, they are just some bunch of words which makes sense, or sometimes a popular saying from a celebrity or a religious person. People relate to these memes at all times.
  • Funny: This is the most popular category of memes- widely used and consumed everyday by internet users. Nowadays, these memes comes instead of picture and text, they now come in a video compressed in gif or a picture which has other movable pictures in it (more like a video without sound). Gifs are getting a huge adoption as it actually shows the realistic part of funny- like a man running from a dog and falls. At MemesNg, we bring the randomization of both Gifs format and plain images.
  • Riddle me this: Well, this is yet to be a fully adopted, but one of the most entertaining meme -it gets the most shares as it requires the though of a larger group for solution. These memes are like puzzles, or question or a collage of pictures that as a question. These memes requires a very high level of IQ to get or even guess the answer, picture who share these kind of memes are termed MemeGods and Legends in the Meme World.

Haven known the various categories of memes, let’s talk about Why memes trend?

Memes trend for so many reason, even the reasons of the unknown. The list below highlights the reasons why memes trend, in this our trends category, we shared some memes that really trended.

  • Uniqueness: A unique meme would always trend because it is easy to spot in a cluster of memes.
  • Wide-range of use: It can apply to so many instance, just like the Ghanian dancing pallbearers which has an accompanying soundtrack.
  • Relatability: A memes that almost everyone can relate to would always trend.
  • Modification: During the cause of trends, a meme goes through so many modification to suit passing time. A good meme would always output fun m=no matter the modification it goes through.
  • Application: A meme would trend even longer if it can be applied to other trending topics in the internet.
  • General Adoption: A meme that can be adopted by the general public, irrespective of race, geographical boundaries and tribes would definitely trend.
  • Challenge: Taking a meme / meme topic and asking to create funny stuff about it, centered all across it would definitely trend for some time during the challenge and even further after the challenge. With the introduction of Meme Challenge on the MemesNG App Individuals can trend their topic across a meme.

The internet can be really boring at times, that’s why we have created MemesNG, a meme distribution and viewing center, more like the gallery of your phone, with easy access to thousands of memes at single taps. A sophisticated meme collection platform covering all the categories of memes, showing you only unique memes at every visit to make you stay great. Giving unlimited rewards points which can be converted to real cash and paid into your local bank when you view memes, upload copyright-free memes and win in a meme challenge.

The Memes viewing platform is also available on Playstore and Appstore, also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and learn more about using MemesNG.

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