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What is a meme:

Meme is a thought, character, or style that spreads by methods of doing things alike from individual to individual inside a culture and frequently conveys representative importance speaking to a specific phenomenon or topic.
A meme goes about as a unit for expressing social thoughts, images, or practices that can be transmitted starting with one brain then onto the next through composition, discourse, signals, customs, or other imitable phenomena with a copied topic.
Supporters of the idea see memes as social analogs to qualities in that they self-repeat, change, and react to particular pressures.

A meme is something, for example, a video, picture, or expression that many individuals send to one another on the web. It also can be said to be a thought or component of social conduct transmitted through ages in a culture, especially by impersonation.

Browsing through the internet, you would see various memes categorized into; several types below are the most popular kinds of memes

  • The Classics: Back when memes were a mascot and not jokes, you attach to pictures; these are the memes that will never fade. What’s more, memes that fall under these classifications live until the end of time.
  • The Trenders: This is the thing that we get in our period. They continue for about a month, wear out truly quick and afterward breakdown into a black hole, and may not ever be seen again.
  • The One-Hit Wonder: These memes happen once, are completely lovely, and you’ll most likely never observe them again.
  • The Comics: Organically made, always new, you can’t resist the urge to adore these memes.
  • The Nonsensical: This one isn’t droll diversion, yet usually arrives in a structure where the meme begins ordinarily before twisting into something so funny that you burst out laughing before you even entirely acknowledge what you read.
  • The Fanbase: You won’t get any of these memes until you’re a member of the fanbase.
  • The Wholesome: Here to handle the depression memes pattern is the healthy memes pattern. Insights state that depression rates went down near 300% after this pattern appeared, the economy is blasting, and now everybody is in love.

Memes can also be categorized into various categories; Motivation, Inspirational, QuotesFunny, Riddle me this – just to mention a few.

According to user statics and analytics report gathered from our website, some of the most visited categories are motivational and funny category, with thousands of views and comments daily.

Why memes trends & and where to get loads of memes

Memes trends because they are the talk of the town, or because it has an inscription or better explanation of a recent event. Most meme’s trend because they are always uploaded on the status of popular social media, some people even use memes as their profile image on their social media.

You can quickly get memes by viewing the Facebook status, or WhatsApp status of your friend, which might require you download a WhatsApp status downloader or a Facebook image saver, the backside about this process is that getting memes from a friends status or profile is never assured, and can never relate to the meme of your choice.

While some would prefer relationship quotes, talks, or memes, you might prefer motivational or funny memes, the availability of this might be limited for someone who doesn’t share the same interest with you.

Imagine a platform where you can get unlimited copyright free memes cutting across almost all categories you might love, and most especially, getting paid for viewing memes, uploading, and sharing your thoughts about the meme.

In MemesNg, you get rewards for uploading memes, and viewing memes, which can be either withdrawn or used to purchase services.

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