Four Ways To Manage The Sapa Fever

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The word ‘Sapa’ is one of the most used lingoes in the Nigerian social media space. It may have been the leading buzzword on microblogging platform Twitter before the Naija government trailer rammed the platform into oblivion such that only those with VPNs can engage the blue bird.’Sapa’ is street lingo for being broke. For instance, when you cannot afford your bills or immediate needs, it simply means Sapa has successfully reached your end. Condolences!But the relief is that this Sapa fever is not for everyone, especially those who are smart and can plan their finances. Remember the popular saying about what wise people do together? Yes, that’s what’s up.

  1. 1 Set realistic goals to counterattack Sapa

    Sapa gets serious ‘agidi’, and you must treat it with every seriousness. It is not that Sapa will give you 100% attack, and you will switch on and off like N.E.P.A. light or keep offside like it’s a football match. To effectively deal with this Sapa matter, you have to set measurable, realistic, time-bound, and smart goals. That is when you will be able to counterattack Sapa like the confident financial pro. Nor dey do like some football coach who only reaches the final and doesn’t lift the trophy. In other words, to outsmart Sapa fever, you must be a proper and strategic planner of your future goals and how to use your money wisely.

  2. 2 Splurge on a budget

    “I ball differently as the freshest in this town. Sapa cannot reach my side.” Abeggi, it’s not every time – ‘I jus wanna relass and be taken kiaruf’. No, it doesn’t always work that way. There is a critical need to manage that impulsive spending at every opportunity as it is an indication of an exclusive invite for Sapa to visit you. When you control your excessive spending habit and have eliminated impulsive purchases, you can stick to a sustainable budget to cover only the necessary expenses and save for the proverbial rainy days. Only then can you properly relass and be taken kiaruf, why Sapa watches, green with envy.

  3. 3 Live within your means

    Gbogbo wa la je breakfast, yen yen yen yen. Abeg, be calming down because breakfast differs per person, by your pocket and by your spending power. Breakfast and how it is served in Ikorodu is different from the one in Osapa London. What is almost the same across different places is how Sapa will hit you when you do the high-end breakfast rituals beyond your means. You will be shocked!Beating Sapa requires all hands to be on deck and sticking to a mindset that helps you prioritise savings and living within your means. You cannot be earning like Kabiru in Osogbo and spending like Davido the Baddest in Banana Island. Dis nur make sense at all. The secret to defeating Sapa is understanding your earnings and living within a specified limit, then saving on a deliberate plan.

  4. 4 Save for rainy days

    Yeah, I know it sounds cliché already, but how do you wanna take overrr if you do not save now on a solid plan? The fact is, savings is the secret weapon that helps you scale when Sapa and other unexpected events hit you. That is when you’d fully understand the need and importance to save for such raining day(s). But the proper secret weapon is to have a tested and trusted brand with over 170 years of experience, solid presence in 30 countries and a superior product designed to wipe out Sapa from the face of the earth. Guess the brand now? Don’t rush; keep following me.

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    1. Set realistic goals to counterattack Sapa
    2. Splurge on a budget
    3. Live within your means
    4. Save for rainy days
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