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MemesNG popularly called “Memes Nigeria” is a platform created to cure boredom, it is a whole gallery of copyright-free contents, shared by creators all around the world- just like you and they are rewarded.

It is a platform where users watch memes of various categories, ranging from funny memes, motivational, riddles, quotes, trends, having fun, and also earn money from home or anywhere while viewing memes as they go around their normal lives.

Are you new? Learn everything you need to know about memes! – it’s a whole lot better and funnier when you know what a meme is.

We understand that people needed a platform to view funny and motivational memes, sometimes they go back to their gallery to look for the collections of memes they had screenshot earlier and smile as they view them.

On Memes.NG, we have made a mobile kind of gallery, where there are hundreds of thousands of collections of memes in our apps, the beauty of it is you rarely see one meme twice, so everything is always new and fresh.

Does MemesNG pays?

Yes, our partners have decided to add an extra juice as to why your relaxation on memes.ng should be worth it, while you are scrolling through several memes as a logged-in user, you would be paid, so the more memes you load, the more money you make into your MemesNG Account which would be paid to your bank account once a month as soon as you hit the NGN 2,000 threshold.

How else can i earn from MemesNG?

If you have memes, funny photos and gifs on your phone, you can earn higher, all you have to do is to be logged in while accessing the website or app.

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Have more questions to ask the team? email us via info@memesng.com

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