10 reactions to Hushpuppi’s arrest from fellow yahoo boys

Guess what upcoming yahoo boys are feeling now? well, we made a list about it below..3 min

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No doubt, there have been a recent spike in social media about the famous Instagram celebrity, “HushPuppi” who was recently arrested by the Dubai police and then extradicted to the US, this recent story has surprised up a lot of funny conversation on the internet, a lot of people shared their views via memes, blog post, and funny video, we recently published an article about  10 times people made funny memes of Hushpuppi – do well to check it out to stay connected in the fun.

Waste no time further! below are the Top 10 Hushpuppi Memes of People reacting to the shocking arrest of Him and his friend Woodberry.

1. Those who already bought laptop & waiting for fromat

Should I become a graphic deginer or I should just sell this laptop and buy fufu.

2. Those Waiting for Clients payment

Since this would be my last payment, i rather wait for it than quit

3. The ones who never believed yahoo can pay much money

Please how much did you say again? hundreds of millions of Dollars? Hush is a legend

4. The ones who are thinking of quitting school to start yahoo

Quit What? This Engineering course must complete, say hi to your future engineer

5. The ones whose client is about to send money and his confused whether to collect it or not

Fear dey catch me oh, I no no wether to tell this client to wait? Maybe next month him go send am, so that hushpuppi’s matter go don settle by then!

6. The Die hard fan – they would continue regardless

Wetin this people they talk sef no concern me! Hushpuppi or no hushpuppi, we die here!!!

7. The repented sinner – this is the end of yahoo career for me

At this point me I want to say I no dey do again, my baba don cast.

8. The one that feels he has been unfortunate and has only picked $1 giftcard in his lifetime

Why am I this unfortnate! Since I start to dey press laptop nah only $1 I don collect, see my counterpart doing humdreds of millions of dollars

9. The one who criticises him at the back, but actually wishes to be like him

Baba no try at all, but he chop life oh!

10. The confused soul – who doesn’t even know what yahoo is all about, but has a laptop and answers yahoo boy.

Wetin this people dey even talk about, no be this same laptop I get for house them dey talk this thing!

  1. Would you like to be like Hushpuppi?

    Hushpuppi lived one of the most glamoros life, he actually lived the life we only saw in the movies, fleet of cars, designer clothes, private jets etc, do you still want to be him?

    1. Yes, I want to live large
    2. No, I prefer my legit hustle
    3. Who fall mugu I chop am
    4. I am looking for Job sha
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