Housemates Reimagined As Nollywood Characters

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The BBNaija Lockdown Reunion (2020’s edition of Big Brother Naija) show will air on the 17th of June 2021. Keeping with the tradition of the show, the reunion will be hosted by Ebuka Obi Uchendu and will feature some of the BBN: Lockdown housemates talking about memorable moments from their season while also hashing out long-standing beef.

In celebration of the reunion show, we’ve decided to re-imagine the housemates as Nollywood characters.

  1. 1 Kiddwaya is Jim Iyke

    A good-looking, millionaire playboy who is being chased by all the girls? Kiddwaya is the classic Nollywood bad boy i.e Jim Iyke. No doubt about that. He has enough swag to woo even the ladies who swear they’re not interested. Definitely Jim Iyke.

  2. 2 Ozo is Tony Umez

    Ozo spent his entire time on the show romantically pining for Nengi, who only liked him platonically. Who can forget when Ozo tried to kiss Nengi after he got evicted and she curved him? This led to Ozo being tagged as the lover boy of the season (a.k.a Tony Umez).

  3. 3 Lucy is Patience Ozokwor

    Lucy spent her time on the show being chaotic as hell. She fought with everyone and destroyed her fellow housemates with her sharp tongue. There’s no doubt that Lucy personifies the wicked aunty stereotype popularised in Nollywood by Patience Ozokwor. Better not cross her path, before you step on something dangerous outside your door.

  4. 4 Erica is Genevieve Nnaji

    The one and only star girl. Even though her journey on the show was cut short, it’s safe to say that Erica was the true winner of BBN: Lockdown. One year after the show aired, her star is still shinning so bright. Erica is obviously Genevieve Nnaji – beautiful, goal-oriented, and winning!

  5. 5 Brighto is Chiwetalu Agu

    Unlike Lucy, who was very loudly chaotic, Brighto was more lowkey. In between consuming insane amounts of pounded yam, Brighto would go about manipulating people for fun just like Chiwetalu Agu. No old Nollywood movie is ever complete without Chiwetalu Agu low-key knocking people’s heads together while shaking his head in mock-innocence.

  6. 6 Nengi is Rita Dominic

    Much like Rita Dominic, Nengi is an intensely beautiful, softspoken woman who minds her business and stays as far away from drama as she possibly can while getting the bag. Men chasing her left and right but she remains focused on her goals. There’s no better way to live life tbh.

  7. 7 Vee is Ini Edo

    Vee is sweet and nice but can totally go crazy when the situation calls for it. She’s classic Ini Edo. Once she narrows her eyes and those nostrils flare up, just know it is over for you, and be prepared to bear the aftermath of your provocation.

  8. 8 Laycon is Emeka Ike

    Laycon was the one everybody underestimated. They even laughed at him and proclaimed that he wouldn’t go far, but eventually, he rose to the top, proving all the haters wrong. This is typical of Emeka Ike characters; some way, somehow, life usually smiles on him and the next thing you know, he’s riding into the village in a big Jeep. Isn’t God good?

  9. 9 Dorathy is Mercy Johnson

    People initially judge based on her voluptuousness until they realise she is way more than that. Her sweet and lovable nature shines through and you can’t help but form another opinion. Although, she doesn’t mind having it out with you if you accuse her of snatching your man. Totally the Mercy character.

  10. 10 Prince is Desmond Elliot

    He is not bad-looking and does everything the perfect husband material would do, but somehow doesn’t get the girl of his dreams. As if that is not enough, people accuse him of causing trouble among the ladies. This life is not even balanced. Desmond Elliot of old definitely deserved better.

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    1. Kiddwaya is Jim Iyke
    2. Ozo is Tony Umez
    3. Lucy is Patience Ozokwor
    4. Erica is Genevieve Nnaji
    5. Brighto is Chiwetalu Agu
    6. Nengi is Rita Dominic
    7. Vee is Ini Edo
    8. Laycon is Emeka Ike
    9. Dorathy is Mercy Johnson
    10. Prince is Desmond Elliot
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