5 ‘Acceptable’ Lies You Can Tell On A First Date

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First everythings are hard. First day at school, first day at work, job interviews and yes, first dates too and so we tend to tell small white lies just so the date or event goes on without it being even more awkward. No, we aren’t talking about lies about your age and what you do for a living but we are talking about little white lies that don’t hurt anyone in the end like the 4 below. Check them out and let us know whether or not they’re lies you’ll be able to tell.

  1. 1 Food

    If your date is excited about introducing you to a particular restaurant that you have already been at before, I think it’s okay to pretend you’ve never been there. Eventually when this topic comes up later when you’re an item, saying this story won’t exactly be seen as a lie but be seen as you being sweet and considerate of their feelings.

  2. 2 Jobs

    No, we aren’t saying lie about the type of job you do. When your date asks about how your job is, there’s no reason why you should complain bitterly about it. It makes you look some type of way especially if you are now getting to know each other. Also, chances are your date is just asking out of courtesy. If your date asks how your job is treating you, you can always just say it’s okay; it’s fine. If you want to talk about how it’s stressful, try not to talk too much about it as it can put a damper on the date.

  3. 3 Relationships

    I think you people will eventually delve into what went on in your previous relationships once your relationship works out. There’s no reason to go into the details of your other relationships on the first date. There’s no reason why you should tell your date how you were depressed for almost 6 months after your breakup or how you entered a “hoe-phase” because of the hurt you were going through after a break. You can always say your previous relationship ended amicably even if it didn’t. This topic will surely come back up once your relationship becomes more serious.

  4. 4 Flattery

    Flattery can be based on a lie if you want it to be. Laughing a little too hard at a joke which wasn’t that funny or expressing how much you like their clothes even though it was just “meh” are all forms of flattery that won’t hurt anyone. Flattery is always nice and it can help your date relax and reduce the awkwardness.

  5. 5 End of date

    If you didn’t have as much fun as you thought you would have, you don’t need to make your date feel bad about it by stating it. Maybe at the end of the date you don’t want to see them again but it’s just nice to thank them for their company, even if you’ve had the most boring evening of your life.

  1. Which of these lies do you think aren’t okay to tell? What is your reason? Let us know in the comments section.


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