6 Interesting Places To Hide The Engagement Ring Before You Propose

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Proposals are getting boring and repetitive. Everyone just wants to take their partner to a fancy restaurant, get on one knee, and say some words. That’s not how things are done. Proposals are meant to be fun and unconventional.

At MemesNG, we don’t like boring. So we’re suggesting six unconventional and fun ways for you to spice up your proposal. Thank us when she says yes.

  1. 1 In their food

    Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they try to swallow their spaghetti and something gets stuck in their throat. Now, imagine the joy when they finally stop choking, spit it out, and see you on one knee reading out 99 reasons you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Love is a beautiful thing.

  2. 2 In their soap

    Carefully wedge the ring deep into their bathing soap and close it back up. One day, they’ll be taking a bath and suddenly feel something scratch their body. Boom, they’re engaged. Nobody ever expects that when they’re going to take a bath, they’ll come out engaged. Be the difference maker.

    This one is a double edged sword because if it takes them 6 months to discover the ring, it means they’re not bathing right and maybe you need to leave that relationship.

  3. 3 Under their bed

    You know how people say cleaning your room makes you feel like you can achieve anything in the world? Well, imagine your partner already having a great day after they clean their room, and just as they’re about to pour the trash in the dustbin, they see a ring. Jehovah over-do.

  4. 4 Inside their holy book

    This is how you know if your partner is a God-fearing person. If they read their Bible or Quran every day, they’re meant to see the ring the next day and just like that, they’re engaged. If it takes them a while to find it, you should know they’re not God-fearing. Run.

  5. 5 Tie it to your dirty underwear

    If they decide to wash your underwear, as they should, they’ll find something precious waiting for them. If they don’t, then there’s really no use marrying them, is there?

  6. 6 In her wig

    She’ll be combing her wig one day and just feel something stopping her comb. Next thing, there’s a ring on her finger. From bone straight owner to married woman. Isn’t God a good God?

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    1. In her wig
    2. Tie it to your dirty underwear
    3. Inside their holy book
    4. In their soap
    5. In their food
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