5 Programs Nigerian Churches Need To Organise For Men

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Nigerian churches organise a lot of church programs. But half the time, a lot of these programs are often targeted at women who end up praying for things that men ought to be praying for too. It’s time to revise that. Nigerian churches need to start organising these programs for men.

  1. 1 Prayers against barrenness.

    Barrenness is not always a woman’s problem, so how come a lot of programs are targeted at them while the men are simply flexing? Let both of them go to a fertility clinic, and if there’s to be a church program, let the man and woman attend.

  2. 2 Prayers against marital delay.

    Somebody needs to tell Nigerian churches that men also experience delay in getting married. It’s not every time you see a 30+ woman that you must drag her to your church. You see that your neighbour that is 30+? Drag him too. Our God answers prayers.

  3. 3 Prayers against the strange man that wants to destroy their marriage

    Yes oh. MenDem are outside looking for marriages to destroy and people’s wives to seduce. Men need to start praying against these evil forces. A suggested prayer point: “My father my father, any strange man that wants to collect my wife from me, destroy him by fire.”

  4. 4 Deliverance from marine spirit, papawater spirit, and the spirit of seduction.

    Why are fair-skinned men left to roam about without being delivered? If fair-skinned women can be accused of possessing seductive spirits, belonging to the marine kingdom and mamiwater coven, surely men too should be delivered from the same spirits. Abi them tell una say male witch no dey?

    Them tell una say men no dey seduce person?

  5. 5 Seminars and conferences on how to be a good husband and father.

    Here, they will teach them how to bake, how to decorate the altar, how to arrange the house and read the ‘male version’ of Proverbs 31 to them Or, they will teach them how to keep their bodies firm for their wives, how to secure their marriage using sexy apparels that are holy and edifying, as well as how to enter the War Room when they sense the devil’s machinations in their marriage.

    Let us stand up and share the grace.

    Tag a male friend and choose a number that best suit them.

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  1. Which among the list should be a top priority to be adopted for men?


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    1. Seminars and conferences on how to be a good husband and father.
    2. Prayers against the strange man that wants to destroy their marriage
    3. Prayers against marital delay.
    4. Prayers against barrenness.
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