10 Types Of Teachers Every Nigerian Had In Secondary School

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Schooling in Nigeria has alot fun. It’s really funny when ever you remember all the occurences that took place during your secondary school days, some of those occurences were annoying though but  its best you just laugh over it.

  1. 1 The Lazy Teacher

    The one just comes to class to read their note to you. They won’t explain shit. If anybody asks a question, they’ll immediately give it to the class as an assignment. No one knows if they don’t know shit or do know shit but just don’t give a shit. 

  2. 2 The Oversabi Teacher

    This one will teach you so much shit They will ensure you buy 12 different textbooks for one subject. If you think having all these textbooks will save you from copying notes, you’re wrong. They will come to school on public holidays, days that there are strikes, and will even risk their lives during riots just so they can come to teach. They are the simultaenously the best and the worst.

  3. 3 The Teacher that just likes to beat people for no (and any) reason.

    This asshole teacher comes from home with their own assortment of canes. They will find ANY reason to flog people. You will even catch them helping other teachers flog. They are masochists in disguise.

  4. 4 The Joker

    This one will come to class and crack jokes instead of teaching. All they do is crack terrible jokes the whole time and the students have to sit there and laugh because not laughing means failure.

  5. 5 The Fashionista


    This is that female teacher that comes to school everyday dressed like she just left the club. Short tight mini dresses/skirts, insanely high heeled shoes and the kind of insane makeup you only seen in Lady Gaga music videos.

  6. 6 The Ashewo

    That one teacher (male or female) who keeps trying to hook up with other teachers or play most with the opposite beautiful or handsome gender in class. If you walk into the staff room, you’ll most likely catch them saying wildly inappropriate stuff.

  7. 7 The Snitch

    That teacher who (forgets that snitches get stitches and end up in ditches and) runs to the Principal’s office to report any small thing that happens.

  8. 8 The Storyteller

    This one will keep interrupting the day’s lesson to tell the class a story about that time they lived in India or some other boring shit. The worst thing about this is that half the time, they’re lying.

  9. 9 The Ghost

    This one NEVER comes to class throughout the term and is somehow be able to pull this off without the Principal finding out. Eventually they’ll emerge, 3 days before exams, and quietly tell the students the exam questions they’re going to set before vanishing again.

  10. 10 The one that thinks she’s a fashionista but really isn’t

    This teacher tries too hard to be stylish but ends up serving homeless chic realness. Even her fellow teachers know her fashion sense is shit and laugh at her behind her back.

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    1. The Ghost
    2. The Ashewo
    3. The Teacher that just likes to beat people for no (and any) reason.
    4. The Lazy Teacher
    5. The Fashionista
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