5 Ways on How To Become “Wayward” In The Eyes Of Nigerian Parents

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Nigerian parents expect that you respect them and their wishes no matter what. They train you to be good adults of the society but when you start to question things they ask you to do, all hell will break lose.

They will quote Ephesians 6:1 to you that the Bible says children should obey their parents and will forget about verse 4 which says that parents should not push their kids into anger.

Anyways, here are 6 things that will cause you to be seen as “wayward” or “stubborn” in the eyes of a Nigerian parent.

  1. 1 Refusal to go to Church/Mosque

    What your parents interpret this as. You have either decided to connive with their enemies to bring shame to your household or you are being used as a vessel for their enemies so your family will be attacked. Either way, they will not allow it to happen so they threaten you the best way they can. It’s either you go to church or they’re done with you. No more paying your bills, you won’t eat from the house, they’ll not do anything again for you. You’re on your own.

  2. 2 Getting a tattoo

    It is the devil working through you. You have been possessed just to bring shame to the family name. God has given you beautiful skin but you’ve decided to change it and draw on it. How did they offend you? Why do you want to send them to an early grave?

  3. 3 Trying to correct them

    You have come on top! You have gained wings! You think you know better than them. Who gave birth to who? You or them? How dare you think you know better??

  4. 4 Staying out past curfew

    You want to kill them with high blood pressure since they’ll be trying to stay awake, waiting to see that you’re okay before they sleep and they’ll be imagining all the horrible things that can happen to you while you’re away.

  5. 5 Not studying to be any of the professions they picked out for you

     “Play” is still on your eyes. You don’t want a stable future with a stable income. You don’t also want to give them bragging rights when they meet their friends to say “My son/daughter is a lawyer/doctor/pharmacist/engineer”.

  6. 6 Dyeing your hair

    You want people to say they didn’t raise you upright? Over their dead bodies! You’ll go back and get the original colour God gave you. You are not wiser than God.

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  1. What qualify a child to be regarded as wayward in the sight of your parents?


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    1. Dyeing your hair
    2. Not studying to be any of the professions they picked out for you
    3. Trying to correct them
    4. Refusal to go to Church/Mosque
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