19 Types Of Students You Will Find In Nigerian Universities

What category of student do you belong to as a student or while you were in school? 1 min


If you have ever been a student at a university in Nigeria, then you would understand that there are different groups of students.

While people outside the walls of the university may see everyone in the school as students, the insiders know the difference and are always able to place students in the group they belong to. We need not tell you that not all students are active students at the university.

Some of them are only in school because people expect them to be. This is one of the reasons why elderly ones advise their wards by telling them to pass through school and allow the school to pass through them.

We are going to group these students into 19 categories and tell you how they stand out!

  1. 1 The bookworms

    These students are the readers of tomorrow. They read against future degrees. They can read 10-20 textbooks for just one course so that they can embarrass their lecturers with points in the exam hall.

  2. 2 The lovebirds

    These set of students live up to their name. They came to school to find their missing rib.

  3. 3 The party goers

    These are the ones who came to school to party. They have all the dates of upcoming events and parties at the back of their hand. They rarely have time for class. They are only active a few weeks before CAs or Exams.

  4. 4 The MVPs

    These are the allrounders. The ones who passed through the university and allowed the university to pass through them as well. They are both street-smart and book-smart.

  5. 5 The heavenly host

    These students are my best kind of students because they live by example. They came down from heaven to rescue the lost students. They tell you how wearing worldly clothes and singing secular music has earned you a mansion in hell.

  6. 6 The library goers

    This set of people love going to the library; that is what they do every day. If they are not in the class or in the hostel, you can be sure you will find them in the library. They want to read ahead of the class and in some cases, they do this to intimidate other students.

  7. 7 The slay gang

    These obviously came to school to slay. They have all the latest fashion trends and use every opportunity to show off. They don’t usually dress for the occasion, they dress to surprise the occasion.

  8. 8 The wailers

    These groups of students wear complaints like clothes. They are always complaining about the world. They have a whole truck of sad stories to tell. If you think you’re suffering, wait till they open their mouth to gist you. They gist whoever cares to listen, even if they just met you. The ear that listens could be a helping hand, who knows?

  9. 9 The born leaders’

    These types of students were born to lead while others follow. They seize every opportunity to be heard. It’s either you surrender your mantle willingly or they fight your office till you give up.

    They always struggle to be the class rep/ course rep or group leaders in their class, wing rep, or even the Governor in their hostel, prayer leader, or unit head in church.

  10. 10 The rumour-mongers

    These groups of students know about every activity happening in and around the school. They always have new gist. Nothing happens without their knowledge.

  11. 11 The advisers

    These sets of students always have a word of advice or two for everyone around them. They always lecture fellow students, especially freshers on what to do and not do on campus.

    they can call you in the middle of the night to tell you that the cloth you wore to class was exposing your cleavage, or to tell you that the lecturers in the department are not happy with you.

  12. 12 The ‘Wanna Be’s

    These students struggle so hard to belong. You can tell from their fake accents and fashion sense. They want to be classy by all means.

    They can spend their last card on outfits and gadgets to move with the rich kids. They overdress sometimes. These don’t dress for the occasion, they dress ‘out of' the occasion, just so you can notice them.

  13. 13 The student right activists

    Students like these are passionate about the affairs of the school and are active members of the student union government. They concern themselves with the affairs of the other students in the school and express their opinions through the association.

    They are people who are interested in politics and would always contest for one position or the other even at the faculty level.

  14. 14 The cooks

    These students came to school to cook. They have a recipe for every meal. They don’t cook like normal students. They have all the kitchen utensils in their cupboard; blender, mortar, fruit squeezer, even microwave.

    They live a triangular life – from the classroom to the market, and back to their kitchen. They wake up early to cook and even take to class. One would wonder if they’re real students or chefs-in-training.

  15. 15 The mobile kiosks

    These groups of students are concerned about trade and business. They sell different wares while being students and have everything you need.

    They sell recharge cards, snacks, books, and other things on the go. They move around with the goods they sell and people know them as a result of that. Some of them end up being traders and businesswomen after graduating from university.

  16. 16 The ‘dubbers’

    Students that are found in the group have necks that have been adapted for cheat*ng. They know all the scopes one could deploy when it comes to cheat*ng. They would rather spend their time forming bonds than reading.

    They expect the other students to teach them during the exams and even spell the answers to them.

  17. 17 The borrowers

    Students in this group would borrow everything including underwear. They always admire everything owned by other people; they borrow clothes, shoes, and pants.

    When you meet students like these in the university, they may look attractive and all. If you take your time to find out things about them, you would be shocked to know everything they have on is borrowed.

  18. 18 The talkative

    Students in this set are known to talk a lot. They would always be seen talking in the school as their gist has no end. Other students avoid sitting with them because they distract them from reading and concentrating in class. Most of the people in this group find time to read and then cool off by talking and distracting others.

  19. 19 The fellowship brothers

    People in this group are so passionate about religion. They act like God is only for them and go the extra mile to get things done in the religious centers.

    They get to church earlier than the pastors and never miss any fellowship. Every other person who does not conform to their way of life is thought to be a devil while they are the holy ones.

  1. What were you good at, during your university day's?


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    1. The fellowship brothers
    2. The born leaders’
    3. The party goers
    4. The slay gang
    5. The library goers
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