20 Kinds of People You’ll Find In Every WhatsApp Group

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People create WhatsApp groups to achieve a certain goal within a certain time frame or to be in constant communication for a particular reason. It’s interesting because in as much as we would all like to avoid groups they do come in handy especially in circumstances where people are in different geographical locations.

Think you know them all? Here are the 20 people you can find in almost every Whatsapp group, no matter how hard you resist. 

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  1. 1 The ghost

    This person watches and sees everything the active members of the group are doing but never dare to post for themselves. Also known as 'the lurker.'

  2. 2 The over-sharer


    This person will tell you everything about their life. This includes pictures of what they've eaten today, detailed descriptions of boys they like, and more than likely naked pictures.

  3. 3 The question asker

    These ones bring all their questions, worries, and concerns to the group chat because their Google subscription has expired and the next option is to ask the WhatsApp group.

  4. 4 The broadcasters


    They just love to send broadcast messages anyhow. They could have a future in mass communication if they wanted. From videos to images, to lengthy posts that require endless re-posting for their potency, these ones will not hesitate to send it all.

  5. 5 The opinion-seekers


    They will bring a topic to the group so that everyone can fight. They’ll add occasional words to keep the discussion alive and then sit back and watch people argue.

  6. 6 The creepy guy


    This person was randomly added in as well and enjoys sending photos of half-naked women for a laugh.

  7. 7 The information-seekers

    These ones always get lost and need reminding on whatever information had been passed across in the group.

  8. 8 The person who keeps leaving


    They get fed up with the constant notifications, so instead of just pressing 'mute' they leave the group altogether. Which would be fine if you didn't have to add them back every single time they do it.

  9. 9 The 'haha' person


    The 'haha' person will never contribute anything to the conversation other than a 'haha'. Sometimes they might venture into 'that's gas' territory but never any further.

  10. 10 The meme person


    This member of the group posts nothing but memes. Even if someone asks them a direct question they won't reply, but as soon as they see a funny meme from even the dark corners of the internet, they feel compelled to share. Theses ones never lack memes on their phone, they always login MemesNG App to download memes and always on all  MemesNG social media platforms to also view and download trending Memes.

  11. 11 The randomer


    This person isn't a close friend and was drunkenly added in by a member of the group. You've never met them before and don't even know their second name.

  12. 12 The talkative


    These people can go on and on for hours even without caring about what people think about them.

  13. 13 The political guy


    These guys can discuss any type of Political topics. They don’t get tired easily and you could find such people in most of the WhatsApp groups.

  14. 14 The voice noter

    They will send voice notes to all their conversations. I may not have any acquaintance with such people but their crowd is increasing. I think that its a good thing to send voice notes, It’s quick, convenient, and free. So, when something is free, why not use it and moreover, it’s up to people to read it or not read it.

  15. 15 The prayer people


    These are the individuals who post prayers in the WhatsApp groups and ask you to forward to 20 people or groups for blessings. They are mostly the uncles and the aunties in the family group.

  16. 16 Puzzles and Riddles

    These are the people who keep sharing the different puzzles and riddles in a WhatsApp group and keep people busy. They are known to send interesting puzzles.

  17. 17 The fake news spreader


    They will spread fake news even without knowing it. And then someone has to tell them that it is propaganda or fake news and then by the time they could delete their messages, over 100 people must have seen it and spread it.

  18. 18 The single word-replier


    Even if an asteroid crashes the Earth, these folks won’t stop replying in syllabled. Yes, No, OK, Okay, K, Kk, Yup, Sure, NP, Welcome, Ahh, Hmm, Mmm, Nah, Nada, Fine, etc.

  19. 19 The porn clip sharer


    These kinds of people are pretty notorious for sharing porn-related clips in the WhatsApp group.

  20. 20 The participant-observer

    These ones don’t like to talk too much. They’ll just come and go like ghosts in a Nollywood film.

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