10 Types of People you find in an ATM Queue

Ever been to an ATM queue? you must be able to relate with this then.. 1 min


Each queue you see at the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) spot is a fine blend of different types of people and personalities. If you use ATMs very often, you sure would have met all the following categories of people.

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  1. 1 Those who stand in front of an ATM then begin to call the person they need to transfer money to

    These set of people are the time killers. They will be like, ''Ehen, Agatha, it is my turn now, what did you say I should do''.

  2. 2 Those who came to the ATM stand to shout at people in front of the queue

    They keep on shouting 'Ahahn, let other people collect money na, shey e fe gba owo hun tan ni' 

    Some people shout because they love shouting though. Not necessarily because they are irritated by the delay.

  3. 3 Those That Withdraw Money Within 60 seconds once it is their turn.

    These are the types of people you always pray to meet at the ATM. They get to the machine, press the necessary buttons, make their withdrawal within 2 minutes, and their off. When such people leave the machine, everyone in the queue gives them a ''thumbs up''.

  4. 4 People whose cards are always getting swallowed.

    Funny enough, they also don't leave the ATM to stand until three to four people use the ATM after them, hoping that their cards would magically show forth.

  5. 5 People who withdraw 200k in bits of 20k ten times.

    Please Sir or Ma, enter the bank and withdraw. Why do you want to oppress those of us that want to withdraw our last 1k? Enter the bank, please!

  6. 6 The un-queueable.

    These sets of people will just come to stand aside from the queue, and when it got to one's turn and you are already happy that it has finally reached your turn. That is when someone will say him and his friend that went to buy something across other side are in your front. 

  7. 7 People who always come to meet you to ask you to withdraw for them.

    Their motto is 'Please, help me withdraw' and also make cute, nice faces while saying it. Ogbeni koshi danu, ko shorop. I'm not a preacher of help.

  8. 8 People who came to use juju on people to collect their money.

    You are the withdrawer and they are the collector.

  9. 9 Those who came to the ATM stand to stare at people.

    Did you lose your money on my face? Or is there some sort of map on it that I'm not aware of? 

    How do people stare at people uncomfortably though?

  10. 10 People who are always looking for the ATM dispensing #500.

    Their watchword: 'Is it dispensing #500?' They develop PTSD when they realize that it isn't dispensing #500. Most people that fall into this group are students who are using zero accounts and want to withdraw their last card. 

  1. What do you hate about using the ATM

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    3. Its Risky
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