10 Types of People on RantHQ | No. 9 are very much

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RantHQ, The 1.4M Facebook group, that is bringing hits back to back like gbas gbos to everyone, see if your category is here. Try to be the No. 10, maka happy living and living large.

RantHQ has been a channel for the Good people at MemesNG Platform to promote our Amazing app and platform that allows anyone to view countless memes, download them to phone or any device and even access the app on Google playstore.

When we conducted a short survey on the MemesNG Facebook group, a lot of people told us, the app has helped them cured boredom as they keep seeing the kind of trending memes that makes them laugh, and are available in a wide range of category.

  1. 1 The Free Mode Users

    These ones do not see everything, they keep asking "What is the content of this post, am in Free Mode oo"

    They probably won't even make it to this post on MemesNG Blog, so no fear, they won't catch you if you comment below.

  2. 2 The Ultimate Comment Readers


    Immediately these ones see a post, the first thing they do is to jump to the comments section

    if the comment is not yet many, they would come back later to check that post, i don't know if there's something they are looking for in all the comments..

    These ones live by reading comments.

  3. 3 Plz Epp Me, Am here for Giveaways

    These ones can beg to save the word, don't ever promise them, else they will greet you with your promise everyday.

    Some may be scattered across other Facebook groups, am sure they are those Instagram comment beggers who had retired and has come back finally to village (Facebook)

    ..and Wait! They are not going anywhere, so learn to Live with it.

  4. 4 The Spoilers

    These one are there to spoil people's giveaways, they do not care to even contest to win the giveaway, they are just there to spoil everything and make sure no one wins.

    You know "Enemy of Progress"? these ones are worse than them.

    ..that's why on the official MemesNG Facebook group, we have decided to do giveaways weekly for top contributors, this way, no one can spoil your shine.

  5. 5 The Power Mongers

    These ones wants to take over the group from Aunty Suzan.

    They are always on her comments to kick against why she would post about Covid19, or even while she isn't doing lots of giveaways, 

    ..they feel she isn't running the group well, and for that reason, the RantHQ group should be passed down to their families.

    They are hellbent to remain on the group forever but aren't really happy about the Fact.

  6. 6 The Scammers

    They can calculate for life! 

    they know how to make a post, and later edit it to promote Fake offers and recieve donations which they would convert for their personal gain.

    Suzan is already tired of them, soon Sango would be employed as one of the admins on the group.

  7. 7 The DM Sliders


    Once you make a nice comment or a sexual related comment, 2-seconds they are already in your DM, "hey Boy", "Hey Girl", "Hello Sir" etc..

    Some even take their time to shoot their shot, and make sure it's perfect before sliding into the DM.

  8. 8 The Happy Shildrens


    These ones are in the group for fun, they are the ones who throw all those laughing emoji 😂 and drop some nice comments like a comedian.

    They don't have power to fight like the ones below.

    They support brands by patronizing, Following groups, and just catching all the fun they can on Facebook

  9. 9 The Fighters


    The difference between these ones and the Power Mongers is that, they fight everyone.

    they even fight themselves 😂, their post always get the most of the 😡 angry reaction.

    These ones are not christains, they are not muslims, they are not even atheists..

    they are worse than saddists because nothing makes them laugh, they are not the preachers of LOVE,

     let's just say they are the "War, the battle, the fight, the Indaboski Pahose"

  10. 10 The ones Already Making Cool Money

    These ones are smart, they value entertainment, they know how funny memes are, and are even more happier to see MemesNG Paying people for viewing memes.

    Install the MemesNG App now

  1. Wait! Who are the most annoying people on RantHQ?

    Let's end it with a simple poll..

    Drop your answer for the most annoying set of people on RantHQ 👇

    Answer to see what people have chosen

    1. The Rich ones who won't do Giveaways
    2. The Insultive ones who curse a lot
    3. The Beggers
    4. Wetin concern me?
    5. No one, everyone is just there
    59 votes
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