6 Struggles Ladies Trying To Gain Weight Relate To

Most people see gaining as enjoyment and means to showcase that you ain't broke 1 min


There’s always talk about losing weight because apparently it’s harder but have you guys ever had to struggle to gain weight???

Yes, there are people who just need to breathe and they get as big as a balloon but for other people, it’s really really hard and nobody talks about it enough. When it’s talked about, people treat it as though it’s just one of those things but it’s a whole issue.

Here are some struggles women who try to gain weight can relate to.

  1. 1 Nobody understands why you want to gain weight

    Everyone seems to think your body is “perfect” meanwhile you just want a little fat to cover up your bony butt and hips. You aren’t asking for too much, just a little fat but they don’t get it so they ask you to shush. Sigh

  2. 2 A lot of money goes into weight gaining products

    Just like how there are weight loss products, some people have their weight gaining packages and you keep jumping from one to another. If you’re an Apetamin girl too, you would realise that it finishes early once you start taking it seriously so you need to keep buying more. These drugs make you hungry so you can eat more.

  3. 3 You need to keep eating!


    This is a struggle especially if you don’t eat much. The requirements are so demanding that it’s very tiring. At almost every point in time, you need to be eating either a main meal or a snack. A lot of people talk about maize foods giving body so its either you’re eating banku, kenkey, or even ice kenkey (as a snack). You’re always feeling heavy because, well, there’s so much food in your system.

  4. 4 You need to work out

    Because you’re doing a lot of eating, you don’t want your stomach getting bigger and you want the extra fats you’re getting to be distributed to certain parts of your body so you need to work out.

  5. 5 You’re always sleepy

    Because of the heavy foods you’ve started eating, you’re almost always sleepy. Also, a side effect of some of the weight gaining products is you sleeping all the time. If you have to work, you probably can’t take these drugs.

  6. 6 You lose the weight when you fall sick

    All the hard work goes down the drain when you fall sick. Not the sickness that takes you to the hospital oo. You’ll get small malaria and by the time you recover, all the weight is gone and you have to go back to square one.

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    1. You lose the weight when you fall sick
    2. Nobody understands why you want to gain weight
    3. You need to keep eating!
    4. You’re always sleepy
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