10 Things Everyone Who Is Plus Size Can Relate To And What Skinny People Should Know

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Below here are the ten things everyone who is plus size can relate to and what skinny people should know;

  1. 1 That weight loss journey that never gets completed


    It always starts with hearing about someone’s weight loss story and then you are motivated to begin yours… You get rid of every junk food in your fridge and clean those sneakers for a workout. You think you are prepared for everything that is going to come your way. The first day of workout goes fine…and the second day.and the third day..and then before you realize it, you’re postponing it to the next day…then the next and then your sneakers are back in the closet and you’re munching on some juicy chicken and ham! You totally forget about eating right till you can’t fit into your favourite shirt…then the vicious cycle begins.

  2. 2 The skinny friend who is always complaining about how fat they are getting


    Every plus-size girl or guy has that one slender friend who always is complaining about gaining weight. See, while you’re thinking of how to lose those pounds and fit into that jeans, this person whose stomach doesn’t protrude even after eating a heavy meal will be bugging you about how big they’re getting and how they need to sign up for the gym..skinny people, please allow! Y’all take everything, now you want the pains associated with being big too…it’s not fair!

  3. 3 The annoying family member who wouldn’t spare the chance to tell you how fat you are getting


    These annoying aunties, uncles, cousins, and family friends just don’t know when to zip it. As if you don’t know it yourself, they’ll rub it in….and they always pick a perfect time when everyone’s attention is focused on them! You know when you’re working out and feel so good about yourself …and then they pop the question? Trust me, all your vim will just vanish.

  4. 4 The what-have-you-been-eating question


    The what-have-you-been-eating question. It is disastrous! It has ruined lives…okay so maybe we are exaggerating a little bit, but please stop asking this. You have a comment about someone’s weight, you know what to do…just shut up! That pretentious question is always followed up by the patronizing “ tell me, I want to start eating some”. We eat the same food y’all eat..and some of you even eat more portions than we do! Please stop asking this question..it can make some people who are dieting or working out loose their confidence..just stop it!

  5. 5 Shopping disasters


    The struggle to find yourself a perfect shirt, jeans, or dress when you’re big is real. Forget ballers! The big guys and girls who are able to find cute and perfectly fitting clothes for every occasion are the real MVPs. Some of us have resorted to custom-fit, but all the ones who can’t..you’ve to endure the stress of dropping super cute outfits just because they can’t fit..with every piece of clothing you drop, a piece of your confidence goes down with it.

  6. 6 The new year’s resolution which stays in the first week of January

    Beginning of the year..we’re all making resolutions…you make yours..to eat healthier and work out harder during the year….and that will be all. You find out that you forgo your resolutions and detty yourselves plenty…only to come back the next year to make the same resolutions…smh

  7. 7 The “out-of-reach” crush


    The fact is, it already is difficult to find love as a plus-size person. Like that isn’t enough, some cute guy or girl will come and be dropping mixed signals on your way, making you crush on them so hard. They start talking to you and making you think there’s a chance and then you find out…you was just a way to get to your slender friend…heartache alert!

  8. 8 Troski and Taxi experiences


    If you’re vigilant, you’d notice that the faces of passengers change when a big person flags or gets on board a taxi. In their minds, you’re about to take unnecessary space and make everyone uncomfortable. Then one passenger who just can’t take it anymore would comment about how you’re taking up space and making everyone uncomfortable….like you don’t already know!! Think this is embarrassing enough, then you probably haven’t met the driver’s mate who will insist on you paying for the extra seat you’ve taken up…and then an argument will break up in the car, leaving the passengers divided on whether you should pay or not!! A group of strangers judging you as they know you…smh…

  9. 9 That one-day exercise which gets you feeling like a model


    Hah! This one! Lol…everyone big guy or girl out there at one point has decided to work out…you know..burn those calories the right way! A little jogging here, using the treadmill there. After a few days of committing to this routine, you experience what we like to call the afterglow. You begin to feel on top of the world and in your mind, you’re maybe a size 2 or 0. Miraculously, your clothes start fitting and you feel lighter and confident…till you step on the scale…then bam! Reality dawns..you’ve not dropped any pounds or worse..you’ve gained weight! Avoid the scale peeps! It’s a monster!!

  10. 10 Afraid to eat at events


    Ever asked your plus size friend why he or she is not eating at a party or dinner and they told you they’re already full? They lied! If you know the struggle to get the outfit to fit perfectly without the tummy standing out, you’ll put some respek’ on it! Just leave us alone! Do you think we don’t see how nice those dishes look? It’s just not worth it! They probably are squeezing their tummy to maintain balance, so just a sip of wine or a spoon of Jollof might just let them go…pop! And then their party is ruined. You can’t squeeze the distin again! Just let us be!

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    1. The skinny friend who is always complaining about how fat they are getting
    2. The annoying family member who wouldn’t spare the chance to tell you how fat you are getting
    3. The “out-of-reach” crush
    4. The what-have-you-been-eating question
    5. That one-day exercise which gets you feeling like a model
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